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T&T Tools

T&T Tools specializes in the innovative design, manufacture, and sales of sub-surface hand tools. Established in 1989, T&T recognized the customer is the future; providing quality sub-surface hand tools at a value that will exceed expectations of durability and reliability. Product are 100% guaranteed, excluding everyday wear. Now T&T offers Hex rods at approximately 20% stiffer than standard round rods.


Mighty Probe- insulated metal soil probe to protect against electric shock. Slide Adapter- turns your Mighty Probe into a mini slide hammer probe. Smart Stick- rugged heavy duty soil probe resists bending, easy penetration and withdrawal. Striking Head- a 3 lb. striking head mounted on smart stick to break through tightly packed or frozen soils. Hammer Probe- Integrated slide hammer makes driving this probe into the hardest ground easy. Water Probe- let the water do the work; penetrates hard, dry soil or frost layer. Can be used to clean out meter boxes. SPECS.

Top Popper- the ultimate in high quality manhole cover openers. Manhole Hook- the original high quality tool for manhole covers. Snub Nose Hook- designed to fit openings where other hooks are too big to fit. Tommy Hook- valuable tool designed for those working with services, utilities, and sewers. Versatile design opens virtually any style of manhole covers. Handy Hook- multi-purpose back-saving tool; designed for those hard to reach lifting jobs and septic tank lids. PFO Hook- Dual handle pump and filter hook. Pry Bar Junior- stop using screwdrivers for prying, use a tool designed for the job. SPECS

Specialty Tools
.Ball Valve Handle- a handle for ball valves that increase control and movement of ball valves and hoses. Skimmer Rake- a rake for moving floating scum, foam, and other debris found in sewage treatment plants. SPECS

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Sewer Mainline Inspection

Supervision CCTV
Envirosight portable mainline CCTV system

Quickview Kit 1
Pole Camera with Sony view and distance

Quickview Kit 2
Pole Camera with Archos 404, 40G viewer

Outpost Enclosure
CCTV Portable Enclosure

CCTV High Cube Trailer
CCTV Trailer

Onan MicroQuiet Generator
Onan Microquiet 4000 Generator

VIVAX CCTV Push cameras
vCAM Mini & vCAM Pro sewer lateral push camera

CCTV Pontoon
CCTV Storm drain Camera Pontoon

CCTV Cable Reel Swivel Tray
Make your CCTV Mainline Drum more accessible